Advanced Soccer Training



LEAD SOCCER’s philosophy is to create a fun and challenging team training environment that allows players to increase their confidence and reach their maximum potential through our advanced developmental training. Our skilled, experienced and dedicated coaches will train and empower players to learn, grow and experience a higher level of play through deliberate training

At LEAD SOCCER we encourage players to take control of their actions and LEAD not only themselves but others by example. Leadership teaches responsability for our own actions and is one of the main keys to success. It can be learned and mastered in the right environment.
Soccer is team sport based around decissions, passing and movement, technique, thinking and skill where players are constantly leading themselves and their teammates to reach their goals and objectives.
Incorporating the principles of fair play, teamwork, sportsmanship and expression in our fun and team learning environment, we believe it will help our players develop great leadership skills.
“I think that in any group activity—whether it be business, sports or family—there has to be leadership or it won’t be successful.”  -  - John Wooden - 

Players learn and develop best when they are empowered and feel fearless in making mistakes. We need to expose them to an environment that provides them with the best education for their needs where we as coaches and parents are the main role models.
At LEAD SOCCER we encourage our players to make mistakes and find their own player's identity that will ultimately build their character because that will teach them lifetime lessons through the enjoyment of playing soccer.

In order for soccer players to progress to their fullest potential, it is extremely important to have a good mindset with a positive attitude, both on and off the field. Lead Soccer encourages players to learn from their experiences and be as positive and dedicated as possible to fully master their skills and knowledge.
When players posses great attitudes they can make smart decisions that helps them control any situation especially when under pressure or stress. Attitude emphasizes a player’s character, increases self-esteem and can show everyone how determined to succeed the player truly is especially when encountering difficult times.

Players always need to be disciplined in order to reach their goals and objectives. We always encourage players to respect themselves, their teammates, opponents and coaches in a manner that consistently takes lots of effort and discipline. Sportsmanship is part of the game and we try to instill those values into our players' character.  
In order to get the best out of our players it’s important for all of them to appreciate the efforts of those around them. When players fail to respect the opponent they underestimate their potential, which can make their standards fall below their usual level of play.
Soccer should always be played in the spirit of fair play, encouragement and FUN while keeping a high level of discipline to reach high performances.