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Lead2Rise is a Sports Consulting Agency that coaches and empowers athletes to lead fearlessly and become the best versions of themselves.

Over the last decade we have been coaching and working closely with sports organizations and athletes of all ages and levels, coaches and parents to help them reach their goals and objectives.

We believe that tomorrow’s leaders are build today and we want to be part of that special process. There is a leader in each one of you and we are here to help you discover your true potential.

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WeGotPlayers is a powerful promoting tool designed to empower players of all levels to build their own identity to play at the next level. Our engaging sports platform allows players to PROMOTE themselves more effectively, CONNECT with each other and SHARE their profiles with anyone they want.

When competing in sports it is crucial to recognize that one of the MOST VITAL ASPECTS of a PLAYER’S SUCCESS is gaining constant EXPOSURE. It’s vital to be proactive and understand that if college coaches, agents, scouts, managers or sports organizations don’t know who you are, it will minimize the players’ chances of becoming successful.

The truth is that playing college or professional sports is a dream that most players want to turn into a reality. And that’s why WEGOTPLAYERS was born: to help simplify the self-promoting, college recruiting and professional scouting process by making it easy and more effective. Now players can fully utilize our promoting tool to fulfill those dreams and succeed in their sports journey. Since its inception in 2008, WGP has helped numerous players get exposed in front of their audiences to successfully play at the college and professional level. 

The problem is that players often wait around to BE DISCOVERED but the reality is that very few of them get a chance to EXPOSE themselves successfully and BE IDENTIFIED. WGP has solved that problem with a simple and easy-to-use sports platform designed entirely for players’ self-promoting, recruiting and scouting needs. Whether you want to be recruited or scouted to play at the next level, or simply promote yourself and succeed in your sports journey, you have come to the right place. WGP welcomes players of all levels and sports lovers to become part of a unique and engaging sports community. Join today and see where your soccer journey takes you.