Advanced Soccer Training



1. What is LEAD SOCCER? 


Lead Soccer is an advanced team training program designed to provide players of all levels with additional training opportunities to help them boost their skills and confidence to reach their full potential in a fun, safe and professional sports environment.

2. Who Can Be Part Of LEAD SOCCER's Advanced Teams Developmental Training Program? 

Any players of all ages and levels who truly want to improve their skills, confidence and make an impact on their town or premier team(s).  For players who want to take their game to the next level this is the best fit. 

3. How many times per week are players training? 

Players train twice a week during the summer months. During the season, we preffer to work with our players on the opposite days of their town or premier teams' training to avoid burnouts. 

4. When is your Advanced Soccer Teams Training program offered?

Our program is offered all year round. As soccer has become more competitive, our goal is to provide the LEAD SOCCER program in the spring, summer, fall and winter. 

5. How long is usually your training program? 

Each session is between 60 to 90 minutes long. 

6. How much does LEAD SOCCER's Advanced Training Program costs per player? 

Prices vary as the fees are based on the number of players attending each session. 

7. Where are your training locations? 

Please check our  "Locations" under the "TRAINING" menu bar option as they will vary based on each season. 

8. What type of training equipment should players bring?

Players are requiered to bring their own soccer balls, soccer clits, indoor shoes and shin guards. 

9. Who will be my coach?

LEAD SOCCER has a number of qualified coaches who posses a vast experience. Nicolae "Andrei" Popescu will direct and oversee the program and be responsible for staffing the advanced developmental training sessions.

10. What days of the week will the training be held on?

Training can be held on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. 

11. What time do practices start and how long is each practice?

Our team training is betwwen 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM during the summer months. The Group practice times could be between 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM. For the exact "TIME" and "DATES" for your age group please check our "Schedule" page which is located under the "TRAINING" menu tab. Each practice is between 60 and 90 min long. 

12. Where are practices held?

Check our "Locations" page that can be located under the "TRAINING" page on the main menu tab. 

13. How do I pay for the LEAD SOCCER's Advanced Training Program?

Once groups are formed you will be required to sign up and pay a one-time fee for the full training sessions. Payments can be done safely online via our website through PayPal or sent by check to LEAD SOCCER at: 4 Ascoli Drive, Wallingford, CT 06492.

14. What is the advantage of training with LEAD SOCCER?

Our LEAD SOCCER coaches will help players improve their foot skills, techniques, athleticism and tactical game awareness which will help them boost their overall confidence. We make practice CHALLENGING and FUN for EVERYONE. Players can quickly have an immediate impact on their club teams when they train hard on consistant bases. 

15. Once I register for the LEAD SOCCER' Advanced Training Program, which documents do I need?

Since this is only an Advanced Training Program there is no need for any other documents. Just please let us know if you child has asthma or any other alergies we should be aware of. 

16. What size soccer ball do I need? 

Soccer balls come in the following official sizes: 

Size 5 - Ages 12 and up 
Size 4 - Ages 8 to 12 years 
Size 3 - Under 8 years of age
Size 2 - Promotional soccer balls
Size 1 - Promotional soccer balls


Futsal balls:
Size 2.5 or 3 futsal ball for U-8 to U-11
Size 4 for U-12 and up