Advanced Soccer Training



"Andrei is a coach who is admired by his players, his teams and by his individual trainees. My son, Matthew has played on Andrei's soccer team and mentored by him individually.  He is so loved, that Matthew wants to be "just like Andrei".  Best wishes on all you do and thank you!!"
Marquis Family

"Having my two sons train with Andrei has been a great benefit for both of them.  My sons are competitive players who have played for both town and premier teams.  We are a big soccer family always looking for extra worthwhile training. With Andrei we have found that training. Andrei blends the right amount of professionalism, enthusiasm, and effort into every workout.  He has great insight into what technical and physical skills the boys should be working on, but is also flexible and customizes their workouts according to their needs.  When the boys finish their workout with Andrei they come off the pitch sweating and exhausted, but somehow smiling and laughing.  I recommend Andrei as a trainer to any player serious about getting to the next level."
Town of Madison

"If you are looking for a well disciplined, driving and motivational leader for a soccer team then Andrei is your man.  His critical skills of touching and teamwork led me to use his skills on girls U-12 to U-14; won state champs in cup, and boys U-9 to U-12 with many wins under our belt.  More importantly then W and L Andrei's dedication to any assignments has been unquestionable.   I have even used him for one-on-one training and he's the best".    

Robert Borruso


"We have had the pleasure of knowing Andrei for the past 5 years. Watching him Coach has been an inspiration not only to our family but to the community as well. His enthusiasm and commitment has never wavered and his skills far exceed expectations as he coaches all age levels. The kids enjoy how he balances his humor and teaching ability. He connects with them on a whole other level, bringing out their passion for the game. We would highly recommend anyone who has the chance to train with him to take advantage. He has not only made our children better players but has turned them into respectable individuals in the community and can't thank him enough".
Brian & Kristen B.

"I have had the pleasure of playing with Andrei at Quinnipiac University and coaching along side at multiple camps/clinics. Andrei was one of the most skilled soccer players and coaches in Connecticut. Andrei's work is not the best only due to his technical knowledge but also due to his training philosophy where he can teach the best mentality to his players so that they can maximize the training process. Andrei has the great ability to inspire others with a remarkable competitive spirit while remaining unselfish and lacking any sense of ego.  Andrei Popescu is a natural leader and his outgoing friendliness, attentive listening helps others with his understanding of the game. I truly admire his dedication and care for others." 
Aldin Beslagic

"I have known and experienced firsthand the expertise that Andrei Popescu has demonstrated over the past 6 years. As a father of 4 children with quite a vast difference in ability, it is quite refreshing to have a coach of this level be able to communicate and adjust his technique and lesson plan to the ability and knowledge of the players. Andrei also has a knowledge of the soccer that is unparalleled by many other coaches from all levels of the sport. His dedication to instruct and teach children of all levels of ability, knowledge and determination is refreshing to parents and players alike. I would highly recommend Andrei for any opportunity that he is being reviewed for based on my personal experiences."

Bill Hutchinson
Co-Director TWIST Tournament

"Having had the privilege to play and coach alongside Andrei Popescu over the last 5 years, I can without hesitation, fully endorse his credentials as a quality professional in the soccer industry. As a coach, Andrei is as good as I've seen working with young players in Connecticut. He brings a great enthusiasm whist implementing outstanding technical and tactical sessions which are engaging and fun for the participants. Andrei has a sound, fundamental knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the game ranging from grass-roots to the collegiate level.  Andrei fosters positive relationships with the players entrusted in his care and instills in them a confidence and desire to play the game of soccer. I have seen first-hand the respect he garners from players, coaches and parents alike. All of this as well as his unrivaled passion and professionalism make Andrei one of the best youth coaches in the State and would be a sterling addition to any soccer organization in the United States."
Paul Templeton
Assistant Coach - Southern Connecticut

"Coach Andrei has the ability to coach and connect to players of all ages in a way that is to be admired. Understanding the soccer development process of each age group, coach Andrei uses his experience, knowledge, professionalism and passion to transform kids into complete soccer players. Working with Andrei I have learned much about how a successful training session should run and look like."

Matan Bik

"It is a rarity to find a coach that encompasses all the qualities of an excellent trainer, mentor and role model all combined into one person. Andrei Popescu more than meets the bill. He is extremely skilled and diversified with his training, working both the body and mind simultaneously. He has that unique gift of encouraging players to reach beyond their abilities while instilling a true love and respect for the game. I have personally watched him transform players into highly skilled athletes with a solid foundation in good sportsmanship and teamwork. My own children have trained under Andrei and continue to train with him. Both hold coach Andrei in such high regard and wish they could have the opportunity to train with him everyday. He has transformed them into very good soccer players thru his intense training. After training in the fall, the results are now showing. Both children said that even though they work very hard, they love every minute. What more could a parent ask for?"

Rick Guidet


"I know Mr. Andrei Popescu for a few years now and I can honestly say he is a true professional at his job and a great person. I know him personally and have had the opportunity to share time with him and his family. He is passionate about the sport of soccer and has great knowledge about the game."

Jhonny Arteaga
Former Professional - New York Red Bulls