Advanced Soccer Training




LEAD SOCCER is an advanced training program designed to developempower and lead our players to become the best version of themselves by boosting their confidence on and off the field. 


We help players of all ages and levels improve their technical skills and confidence in order to accelerate their developmental process. Develop our players' abilities through a combination of experimentation, discovery and engagement.


Our dedicated coaches not only help players develop their technical abilities but are also focusing on the tactical, physical and psychosocial skills development. Training constantly on those four pillars in a professional environment can help soccer players improve and reach their full potential to play at a higher level. We highly believe that skills and proper technique are fundamental key components to inspire creativity, style, and excitement.


Skills can help players improve and make soccer more fun by allowing them to take their opponent on one-on-one situations. LEAD SOCCER encourages players to be creative with their skills, turns, tricks, ball movement, passes and shoots while using both feet effectively. 



Our LEAD SOCCER advanced technical program will challenge and motivate players in a FUN game like training environment to compete fearlessly and develop their: 

  • Ball control

  • Skills

  • Game awareness

  • Positional awarness

  • Leadership skills

  • Positive attitudes

  • Strong work ethics 

  • Character

  • Lifetime values

  • And much more...


As players grow and change, our LEAD SOCCER program will engage with them and be part of their milestones and triumphs. We have been doing just that for over 10 years and we love to see the postive impact we had on our current and former players. 


Our ultimate goal is to help players build their CONFIDENCE and empower them to LEAD and COMPETE fearlessly.

We encourage players to express themselves and play without fear of making mistakes. Our training sessions allow players to discover the true feeling and enjoyment of playing soccer. We understand that all children learn in different ways and our coaches are trained in delivering quality training that helps players achieve their highest level of performance.


After coaching thousands of players over the last decade, we have seen and experienced firsthand all the developmental stages and challenges at the recreational, town, travel and premier levels. LEAD SOCCER is here to help players train effectively and reach their full potential by helping them prepare to compete confidently with their teams. 





"I coach to lead, develop and empower players to become the best versions of themselves."

 - Coach Nicolae "Andrei" Popescu - 





LEAD SOCCER does not replace your town, travel, premier or academy club, nor does it have the intention to do compete against them. Our supplemental technical program is designed to help train players of all levels and help them accelerate their developmental process. And we have done a great job with that in the past 14+ years. We welcome players of all ages and levels from all over Connecticut. We are based in Wallingford, CT.